Duty Rates

Duty rates, (also referred to as import duties, customs duty, tariff, import tax, and import tariff,) are taxes collected on imports to the United States. This can also apply in reverse, whereby a duty is applied by a foreign country on an export from the United States. Duty rates or tariffs have two common purposes: 1) to promote and increase the ... click to read more

Foreign Importer Of Record

Due to the large amounts of international cross-country trade, since 1993 the United States has required an Importer of Record (IOR) to be listed on all imports to the U.S. The role was created to ensure payment of duties and tariffs as well as the regulation of imports for security purposes. This entity is regarded as the person who is responsible ... click to read more

Understanding Incoterms

Shipping freight internationally can be expensive and risky. Everything from container rental and delivery to the cost of a container going overboard can quickly create a headache for importers and exporters if they assume all responsibility for the cost of their container from point A to point B.  Luckily, the ICC (International Chamber of Co ... click to read more

Why Do Your Rates Fluctuate So Much?

The international transportation industry is no different than the economy; prices are subject to tons of fluctuation and volatility and this is unfortunately the way steamship lines and carriers can stay in business. But as an importer or exporter, watching your rates rise and fall at such inconsistent levels can cause you to miss out on huge pote ... click to read more

Automation: 4 Big Impacts Automation Is Having on the Supply Chain Industry

Humanity has always strived for better ways to accomplish the same objectives, and the natural progression of the business cycle continually pushes each industry towards a better version of its current state. Consider the age-old case of transporting materials. From bandwagons and buggies to steamships and modern-day transportation management syste ... click to read more