New Store Openings and Product Rollouts: Commonly Overlooked Issues

Few events are more important in the retail industry than new store openings and new product rollouts. It’ll often be the first time a consumer interacts with your brand, and you should leave nothing to chance. Everything must be planned down to the finest detail for the launch to come off without a hitch. But of all the details, one of the ... click to read more

Factors to Consider When Choosing Intermodal Transport

Being in the shipping and logistics business, we’ve fielded a lot of questions over the years about Intermodal Transport. Is it the best, most cost-effective means of moving goods? For the most part, rail costs less than truck, especially when hauling bulk commodities, like lumber, grain, fuel, and fertilizer, over long distances. It become ... click to read more

Insurance: What Is All-Risk and What Does It Mean for Me?

If you’ve ever wondered why companies worry about cargo insurance, it’s really rather simple: There’s a lot on the line when shipping goods, and we’re talking often thousands upon thousands of dollars — if not millions — to replace lost shipments.   There are two primary categories of insuring conditions of ... click to read more

Changing Vendors: 2 Simple Steps to Ensure a Smooth Transition

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again — as far as vendors go, that is. This isn’t to say you should ever take transitioning to a new vendor lightly. It takes thorough and thoughtful planning and preparation. But you should also not stick with a bad deal to avoid the time and costs often associated with making a move. O ... click to read more

How to Avoid Importing Delays at Customs

For the most part, customs entry difficulties and sluggishness are due to a combination of new anti-terrorism rules and increased scrutiny at ports and border crossings. Fortunately, a little research, expert help, and careful planning can keep your merchandise moving through customs.   Just make sure you understand to following to save yours ... click to read more