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Air Transport: What to Consider When Shipping Cargo

Air Transport: What to Consider When Shipping Cargo
Author: Admin
Written: 05/09/2017 12:43am
Updated: 06/24/2018 5:08pm

By now, you probably know the advantages of using air transport to ship goods. You can literally fly cargo to all corners of the world in a matter of days, providing both speed and flexibility. If something gets missed, you don’t need to wait weeks to transport the goods to their destination. It can go out that day.

With this greater speed comes greater safety. After all, the less time your goods are in transit, the less likely something will go wrong, and we all know what happens when something goes awry: goods get damaged.

What’s more, there’s usually less handling involved with air transport. Fewer hands mean fewer chances for your goods to get damaged.

But for all the advantages of shipping goods by air, it does come with a few drawbacks. Keep the following in mind when choosing air transport:

       Expense. Air transport is often one of the most expensive shipping options, largely due to the cost of fuel. But ongoing aircraft maintenance and staff payroll also play a role in this costly service. While shipping by air comes at a hefty price, the expense is well worth it when you need to get goods to a customer fast.  

       Shipping restrictions. Limited amount of space on aircrafts means goods can be subject to size and weight limits. An oddly shaped or heavy package may not meet the regulatory guidelines for transport, and you’re left looking at other options. If you need to move a large volume shipment, you may want to consider another mode more suited to its size.

       Delays. No mode of transport is immune from delays, but air transport is most dependent on the elements. If inclement weather hits, airports do tend to shut down service, causing unexpected delays to shipments. And in some parts of the world, hurricanes can wreak havoc on shipping schedules — a problem for importers.

For most companies, the speed and flexibility of air transport often outweigh the expense and risk of delays. If you’d like to learn more about this shipping option, the team at InterlogUSA is more than happy to answer any questions.

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